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An Open Letter to VFAS-524 Pilots

05 September 1998 1106 Hours EST
From: COL Seawolf
To: All Pilots: VFAS-524
Re: Participation/Attitude

I have noticed unusual amounts of inactivity lately. Now, I know that school is starting for many of you, including me. Do not be concerned, education comes first! However, please notify the squad that you'll be taking a diminished role over the next 9 months, because if I don't hear from you I may be forced to place you in the reserve wing. When you're in the reserve wing, you have one month to write in to us, explaining your condition. If you don't write in with a reason, you're gone.

Let's think about this for a moment, you did join the squad to fly, not to take up a space on our roster. If we are unable to make contact with you for a prolonged period of time, you will be placed in the Reserve Wing. After this happens, you have a period of one week to make contact with your former wing leader and the CO. If you do not make contact with us, you will be stripped of all rank and awards. If you still remain out of contact, you will be removed from the squad. If you send in a note explaining that you will be out of contact for a certain amount of time, your absence will be noted and none of the above reprimands will occur.

One thing we would like to ask of the pilots of this squadron; When you have the 524th in front of your name, you are representing our squadron. Please act accordingly. If you make yourself look poorly, that makes the rest of us look bad as well. We are not talking about game play, but rather your general attitude towards others. You must conduct yourself with honor at all times. Disrespect for others, internal or external of the squadron, will not be tolerated in the 524th. If you cannot control your emotions then this is not the place for you.